Podcast: 'In 2040 our food is climate neutral' - doable or too ambitious?

The food on your plate is produced by a worldwide network with millions of suppliers, farmers and factories. It is an energy-consuming system that has a major impact on our climate and nature. Can we produce food in a way that is less harmful? Or can it even be completely climate-neutral? And where to start?

From retailer to investor; this podcast is a must for everyone who wants to know more about the developments within the sustainable food system from a professional point of view.

The podcast 'Building the future' tells you all about it. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcast or YouTube.

’We need to tackle this together’

In Building the Future host Rudy van Beurden investigates whether climate neutral food is realistic in a discussion with three experts in the field of food: Marjolein Brasz from Foodvalley NL, Liesbeth Luijendijk from OnePlanet Research Center and Jason Kiem from InsectoCycle.

Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director of Foodvalley NL: 'My personal mantra is you don't need to work in agrifood to make a change to the food system. Everyone can change the food system to benefit all people, the planet and animals. Because if you put your brains and your power and everything that you have together, whether you have 20 or 30 years of experience or none, its beneficial because we need to tackle this together.'

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable food system?

Did you become enthusiastic after listening to the podcast? And are you curious how you can contribute to a sustainable food system from your field of expertise? Check out what Foodvalley does, why and what we can do together.

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