Plant-based fish: a new wave in the protein shift

The Protein Cluster meeting with members from all over the world

Last Friday, 1 October, The Protein Cluster (TPC) of Foodvalley NL held a meeting where members and external experts shared insights into the plant-based fish developments. We look back on a very successful event with 12 offline participants and over 50 online participants! People from all over the world were able to participate in the meeting, asked questions and hold discussions with each other in breakout rooms.

A young but growing market

The meeting focused on the plant-based fish chain. From ingredients to end product and from producer to consumer, we dived into the ocean of the latest plant-based fish innovations within our community. With several pitches and presentations of TPC Members, it became an inspiring event. A special feature this time was that the session was broadcast live from Schouten Europe's premises in Giessen.

With this meeting, TPC Members gained insight into the young but growing market of plant-based fish with interesting developments that will hopefully form the future for their own companies and organisations dealing with plant proteins.

Some of the experiences:

Jeroen Willemsen: “Our Dutch Protein Shift ecosystem database counts 12 companies active in plant-fish. Following the plant-meat and plant-dairy movements, we see a ‘third wave’ rapidly taking shape”

Peter Schouten: “We are working on the next gen plant fish products, e.g. mimicking salmon. We notice a growing interest from retail and act on that.”

Eugene Wang: “Algae have the potential to play a crucial role in plant fish applications, adding so many more than proteins alone”.

After the event, Schouten provided a tasty lunch for their visitors and enjoyed their plant-based fish products that they brought to the market this year.

Our thanks

Our thanks goes out to everyone who made this meeting possible: Eugene Wang from Sophies Bionutrients, Femke Brouwer from ISI Goettingen, Mark Austin from DSM MIST, Jolene Ng from Mintel, Peter Schouten from Schouten Europe, Ties Leeksma from Albert Heijn for their insightful presentations, demannenzonderpak for the presentation and organization, our moderator Stephanie Gimbrere and our Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead, Protein Shift.

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