Personalised Nutrition; from Olympic athletes to all consumers

For elite athletes it has always been of great importance to understand how nutrition can support their sport performance. Their nutrition can help them recover faster, develop more muscles, peak at the right time and deliver the required quantity of energy at the right time. But not all athletes are the same or need the same. Personalised nutrition was introduced to assist in the adequate analysis of food intake, timing of food intake and monitoring of biomarker of individual athletes. For instance for the athletes that have to peak at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Not just for elite athletes

So a lot of expertise is already gathered in the sport sector. We cannot all effort a personal nutrition coach. But we can share knowledge and help each other to make personalised nutrition available to more people.

Foodvalley Member Sportscentrum Papendal has a strong focus on the topic of sports and nutrition both at the Topsportsrestaurant as well as in the field of innovation.

Eat2Move, the innovation hub for sports and nutrition provides a multi-partner platform to stimulate new developments in sports and nutrition with a relevance for amongst others elite athletes but also patients, amateur athletes and the elderly. Reach out to Eat2Move to further develop your offering in sports and nutrition.

A glimpse into the eating facilities for Olympians at Tokyo 2020

Recently - in the run towards the Olympics in Tokyo - Foodvalley NL organised a digital event entitled “Personalized Nutrition as a driver for sports success”. During this event various topics were highlighted and the dietitian overlooking the nutritional programme gave us a glimpse into the eating facilities for Olympians at Tokyo 2020.

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