Personalised nutrition is achieved together

Access to sufficient, sustainable and healthy healthy food, and (financially) feasible for everyone. Judith van der Horst, Innovation Lead Food & Health, sees personalized nutrition as a way to make healthy food accessible to everyone. "There are a large number of innovations that can help to stimulate a healthy eating and living pattern," says Judith. "Think of for example consumer tech innovations such as smartwatches, but also medical tech innovations. These are companies that, for example, develop stool measurements for consumers. The trick is to get these parties to work together with supermarkets and food producers in order to create a healthier food system."

Measurements and data

Personalised nutrition begins with the measurement of one's own health. "By means of blood, urine or faeces or a a pedometer you measure and collect data in an app. On the basis of this, the app gives a personal advice on, for example, nutrition or exercise. So if you exercise a lot then the app might recommend to eat some cottage cheese, packed with protein, after exercise. You can not only monitor the goal, like losing five kilos, you can also enter in the app what your allergies are, or what foods you do not like. There are a large number of innovations underway that help to promote healthy eating and living patterns.

Collaboration for healthy results

The most important thing for the consumers who want to live healthier is that he or she is taken care of. Health insurers can play an important role in this. They also benefit if more people start living healthily. When insurers reward their customers with, for example a smartwatch, this market will grow and with it ultimately also become financially more affordable. The bigger the market, the cheaper the product becomes. Ensuring a healthier diet is something that an increasing part of the food chain is commited to. And with the increasing of collaborations it can lead to even more healthy results."

Read the entire article (in Dutch) on personalised nutrition in the AD annex from 30 November, page 20-21: Analyse Innovatieve Levensmiddelen
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