Organisations choose Foodvalley NL to find partners to work together towards a sustainable food system

Over 270 organisations worldwide are affiliated with Foodvalley NL’s community. The members of the community cover the entire food value chain, from seed to shelf and from start-ups to corporates. What do they have in common?  Together they are leading the transition towards a sustainable, healthy, affordable and tasty food system.  

Foodvalley NL is proud to see the community continuously growing. In the past month we welcomed a lot of new organisations! To name just a few: 

  • EverGrain Ingredients turns brewers’ spent grains into proteins, fibers and other highly nutritious food ingredients.
  • Holland Green Science International develops plant extraction equipment and is specialised in extracting CBD oil.
  • Jack Link's produces high-quality plant-based protein snacks for on the go.
  • Larive International assists companies in reducing time, risks and costs associated with entering new markets.
  • Lyvup helps clients achieve a healthy lifestyle by providing an long-term transition program and virtual coach, and by combining smart technology(AI) and behaviour change psychology.
  • My Own Health provides personalised recommendations and tailor made vitamin supplements based on a self-test.
  • Praleucine offers pralines, protein-rich diet and exercise for everyday muscle strength
  • ProXES provides high-quality machinery, plants as well as process lines and solutions in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

A warm welcome to our new members!  

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