Organisations around the world flock to participate in circular brewer’s spent grain event

Foodvalley NL organizes an international online event on 8 February 2022 about the circular application of brewer’s spent grain.

Using brewer’s spent grain for human consumption

Brewer's spent grain (BSG) is very rich in protein and fibre and is super healthy! Currently, it is mainly used in the animal feed sector, but the spent grain after brewing can also be used for human consumption. For the BSG application chain, this is valuable because there are opportunities to supply a sustainable product with a higher value and/or profit that also contributes to the company's own sustainability goals. In addition, upcycling of this huge global waste stream contributes to a circular agrifood economy. With this event, Foodvalley NL wants to accelerate the application possibilities and future collaborations within the brewers' chain.

Speakers from all over the world from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland, Singapore and America will present at the event to share their knowledge and insights about techniques and product applications of spent grain. Growers and companies such as Tetra Pak, Swinckels Family Brewers (Bavaria beer), start-up MaGie Creations, EverGrain (AB Inbev), Regrained, Danone and NanYang Technological University Singapore will contribute to the event and share their knowledge and insight with participants. We also hope to learn from other upcycling examples, such as milk whey, a by-product of cheese making. One of the speakers will show us the parallels of this development.

Connecting organisations is key

Over 80 organisations from Germany, France, America, and other countries will attend the event. The number of participants is still growing. Jolijn Zwart - van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood and event chairwoman, said the following about the meeting: "Foodvalley NL is proud that about eighty companies reacted enthusiastically to our initiative to bring parties together around this global flow and to accelerate the cooperation between partners to make this flow even more circular. Even before the event, our initiative to take up this circular theme has already led to more cooperation, how great is that!"

Opportunities for brewer’s spent grain

Connecting these organisations will be a prominent part of the event, because Foodvalley NL wants to steer and accelerate developments within the application of spent grain for human consumption. During and after the event, ample time will be taken to allow organisations to get to know each other and exchange expertise via an online matchmaking tool. Participants represent the complete application chain of spent grain: from grower, brewer to research & development, producers and retail.

Jolijn Zwart - van Kessel explains the programme of the meeting: "This will be a momentous occasion for participants from all corners of the world to come together to explore and share the possibilities of brewer’s spent grain. There are already quite a few initiatives going on, some bigger than others, but each developing independently. By sharing knowledge, working more closely together and giving this theme a place on the circular agrifood agenda, things will move faster." Foodvalley NL hopes that participants will also pick up further cooperation after the event. Foodvalley NL sees a great opportunity, just like previous residual streams, to make spent grain a fully-fledged sector.

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