How can the right sports nutrition contribute to the optimal sport performance? Olympic champions Mark Tuitert and Peter Blangé talk about their experiences with sports nutrition during the Foodvalley Summit Sports & Nutrition, 11 October in Ede.

In top sports it is about millimeters and fractions of seconds. The differences are often small. Winning or losing a gold medal is very close together. But for the athletes who have trained for years to perform optimally at that one moment, it is a world of difference.

Food Valley Summits Protein of the Future, and Sports and Nutrition

Good nutrition essential
To be able to deliver the best performance, good nutrition is essential. In the first place, the basic diet must be in order. In addition, there is sport-specific nutrition. After all, an endurance athlete has different needs than a sprinter. With supplements the final step can be taken and the individual needs are met.

“Nutrition plays a role in recovery and injury prevention, among other things,” says Jeroen Wouters, who is working at both Sportcentrum Papendal and Foodvalley NL. During the Summit, he will interview speed skater Mark Tuitert and volleyball player Peter Blangé about the developments in sports nutrition and their personal experiences.

“We are happy that these Olympic champions are willing to share their experiences with food, from basic food to supplements. They can illustrate how diverse the needs of athletes are. As a medium-distance skater and individual athlete, Mark has a different specific need than Peter as a team athlete. The dynamics in a team are different.”

Mark Tuitert
During the Foodvalley Summit Sports & Nutrition, speed skater Mark Tuitert will talk about the relationship between nutrition and performance. He won a gold medal at the 1500 meters in Vancouver during the Olympic Winter Games in 2010, and two medals in the team pursuit at the Turin and Vancouver Olympics. Tuitert is now a health coach, presenter and skating analyst on television. He is also one of the founders of First Energy Gum, chewing gum with caffeine and vitamin B that should improve the energy level of athletes.

Peter Blangé
Peter Blangé won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, and became Olympic Volleyball Champion 4 years later in Atlanta. Later on, at IT company Ortec he focused on the use of sports data to support the performance of athletes. Moreover, at the Olympic Training Centre Papendal and the Royal Dutch Football Association KNVB he was engaged in innovation and sharing scientific insights. He will discuss innovation and the use of data in sports.

Protein for the Future
On 10 October, Foodvalley NL will also organize the Foodvalley Summit Protein for the Future on green proteins.

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