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Nature’s flavours

NewFood was set up in 2020 by Peter van der Schoot and Tom van Haarlem. Between them, they have over fifty years of experience in the food industry. Their mission: to help to keep the planet habitable by developing and marketing high-quality, tasty plant-based products. In March 2021, NewFood joined Foodvalley NL’s innovation field Protein Shift in order to meet like-minded entrepreneurs to work on further improvements together.

The infinite potential of vegetables

NewFood may be a newcomer to the market, but the company has plenty of experience in developing plant-based meal components. And by now, Peter and Tom certainly know their way around supply chain operations and marketing and sales.
The two food experts focus on plant-based foods and vegetables. Peter: “Every one of us should eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day. If you put 250 grams of vegetables on a plate, it’s quite a heap, though. But vegetables have an infinite potential. Offer consumers vegetables in a different form, and you help them achieve a varied diet. And that is a different way of approaching this issue, since many competitors mainly use soya beans in their products for vegetarians and vegans. The resulting diet of three meals of soya per day is not varied at all.”

No chemical additives

“We’re not trying to get meat substitutes to taste like meat”, Tom explains. “If we come up with beetroot falafel, we want to taste the beetroot in the product. We are striving to maintain nature’s flavours, free of chemical processes and chemical additives.”

Peter adds: “Indeed! We strongly believe in flavour. It’s important not to add anything our grandparents never heard of. For instance, in many soya-based products, the soya has been chemically split into components in order to get a certain result. We stay away from this practice, as much of the flavour is lost in the process. Nor do we need the chemical additives that are often added to give products a bit of a bite.”

The link between knowledge and the market

Tom: “We joined Foodvalley to exchange knowledge of products, applications and new ingredients. Moreover, we prefer to collaborate rather than expand our own team. We come up with the ideas, and for the scale-up and actual production we’ll gladly team up with a manufacturer.”

“NewFood is strongly engaged with consumers, and marketing and sales. We have an understanding of consumer insights, we know for instance how they view plant-based products or cultured meat and how they make decisions. And we’d like to share that knowledge. We want to be the link between knowledge and the market within the Foodvalley ecosystem, and make things happen.”

Peter van der Schoot, Tom van Haarlem

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