James Mottram and Connor Williams, co-founders of new Foodvalley Member Gaia Growth: “We want to share our vision on future farming”

“Indoor farming is an important part of any sustainable food system strategy and contributes to ensuring food security for future generations. Growing crops under consistent, optimal conditions, closer to consumers, saves land, energy and transport costs, reduces food waste, and provides new opportunities to supply fresh produce in geographical regions with limited agricultural potential.

AI-based digital platform

In October 2020, our company, Gaia Growth, emerged from this vision. We are developing a resilient, affordable and scalable, AI-based digital platform that helps farmers understand, monitor and control their cultivation processes. Technology providers, such as software and sensor specialists, and designers of greenhouses and vertical farms can integrate it into the functionality of their products and services, providing added value to their customers.

Keeping abreast of trends in agriculture

We are now at the proof-of-concept stage and looking for companies who want to test and evaluate our platform. That’s a major reason for joining Foodvalley, earlier this year. Being part of their global ecosystem will keep us abreast of trends and issues in agriculture, and help us grow our network.

In turn, we want to share our knowledge with this community - especially those envisioning a new future for farming - and learn whether other agrifood companies see applications for our technology that, perhaps we haven't yet. Through us they can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of indoor farming, and learn about the role our software can play in this emerging field.

Towards an indoor farm

Within a year we would like to own our own, digitally-controlled, indoor farm, alone or, preferably, with partners. In the Foodvalley member overview we identified over 15 companies we would like to talk with, so we are confident we will succeed.”


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