Must watch on EenVandaag: Good examples to realize the protein shift

Plant proteins are extremely popular. Already 72 companies and startups are throwing themselves into vega-burgers and all kinds of variants. A growth of almost 80% in five years! A niche market has long since ceased to exist. The protein transition is big business these days.

This episode of EenVandaag discusses the protein transition, innovations and developments. Jeroen Willemsen, our Innovation Lead Protein Shift at Foodvalley NL was interviewed for this episode.

Jeroen Willemsen: "Proteins are important building blocks for your body. You get protein from meat, fish, dairy or plant sources such as legumes, grains, nuts, seeds or mushrooms. Over the past two generations, we have been eating more and more meat. Currently, the average Dutch person consumes 40% too much meat compared to what the Nutrition Centre recommends."

Beautiful innovations in which they can invest

Rival Foods was also featured on EenVandaag. Rival Foods offers vegetarian or vegan menu options without compromising on experience or taste. Rival Foods has made such major steps, that they have been selected as a participant in the Protein Fastlane programme. An initiative of Foodvalley NL, ScaleUpNation and InvestNL. The Protein Fastlane programme helps innovative and promising pioneers to raise an investment of 10 million. Foodvalley NL, co-initiator and partner, is involved in the selection of companies and helps these companies finding tailor-made advice and coaching for success.

Jeroen Willemsen: "All kinds of investors, companies, supermarkets from all over the world come to the Netherlands. Why, because here they are looking for what they want; beautiful innovations in which they can invest. Or beautiful ingredients to make new products from. From the Netherlands you see the innovation and the products back all over the world."

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