More insects approved for human consumption

In addition to mealworms, the European Commission has now approved grasshoppers for human consumption. The application for this came from the Dutch company Protix. The approval is a new step to bring us closer to large-scale consumption of insects.

A broadcast from Omroep Gelderland discusses what the new legislation means for the insect market. Paula Rijkens, our Programme Manager Insects at Foodvalley NL was interviewed. Organic farmer and insect breeder Rowin Batterink also shares his valuable insights.
"It's attractive because you need very little land and water to produce a lot of product, i.e. protein." tells insect breeder Rowin Batterink.
"We already have some big companies in Gelderland such as Protifarm and Kreka that market products for human consumption. Now grasshoppers are also allowed to be used, more companies can join in."

What makes insects sustainable

Insects can play an important role in a sustainable food system for several reasons. Insects use waste streams that other animals and humans cannot eat. Residual flows are therefore usefully used. Insects are a sustainable replacement for soy - which has to be imported from South America - and fish meal - for which fish must be grown in an unsustainable way. Also, insects have specific properties that are of great added value for animals and humans, such as proteins and lipids that contain a lot of omega 3.

Together we build strong and successful insect chains

For the insect chain to be a real success, insects must be produced in greater numbers. So, for example, e.g. a more attractive, lower price can be charged for insect products. This requires more investment and research. That is why the Insects Programme from Foodvalley NL is calling on all its members and new players in the feed and food industry to think , talk and participate.

Paula is enthusiastic and driven: "Together with companies, governments, investors and technology partners, we want to build strong and successful chains that will turn the Netherlands into insect land. That way, we strive for a well-known and recognized insect sector - with feed and food products - that contributes to the sustainability of our food system."

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