The Future Food-Tech is an international gathering of food business leaders, VC investors and food-tech innovators to transform innovation and investment in food. From personalized nutrition, alternative distribution channels and AI, to plant-based proteins and the role of food in health.  Milkways and Pectcof are among startups that show breakthrough technologies on a joint mission organized by startup accelerator StartLife, Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University and Research. 

Diederik Brasser, Milkways, the Netherlands

MilkWays has developed a cutting edge technology for intercontinental transport of large volumes of fresh milk. Pure fresh milk can be preserved up to 45 days without any deviation of taste. MilkWays is already discussing the solution with parties in China, SE Asia and the Middle East.

Diederik founded Milkways in 2013, which has developed a supply chain technology that can transport large volumes of fresh milk between continents. Prior to Milkways, Diederik founded founded Trilobes, a world leading engineering company in maritime supply chains for perishable food-liquids. Previously, Diederik started working at a VC firm, then moved to Arcadis in charge of EU acquisitions. In 1995 he started MAP Environmental in soil research (for Shell, BP) and initiated the Dutch – Japan Cleansoil Consortium, before becoming involved in technology transfer (EU-Asia).

Rudi Dieleman, Pectcof, the Netherlands

Pectcof developed the technology to transform the industrial side stream of coffee pulp biomass into high valuable bio compounds such as food ingredients. The coffee cherry biomass (skin and flesh) is used as raw material, and with the use of their patented extraction process Pectof transforms the biomass into valuable compounds. The first product launch will be Dutch Gum. This food ingredient has shown to be substantially more effective in stabilizing emulsions for beverages compared to gum arabic. Pectcof will present their technology at the Future Food-Tech Summit.

Rudi is an entrepreneur who is looking to combine biotechnology and sustainability by re-using discarded side streams of agricultural processes. These side streams can be transformed into valuable food ingredients or other nutrients thereby helping to feed the world population that is rapidly expanding. Rudi has studied Electrical Engineering in his bachelor and Management, Innovation and Life Science in his Master. He started Pectcof when still in his Master’s trajectory but managed to finish his study and grow his startup company in the last six years.


Future Food-Tech Summit 21-22 March 2019
Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

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Meet Milkways, Pectcof and other Dutch startups, StartLife, Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University & Research in booth 2.

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