Meet Nard Clabbers, our new team member

My name is Nard Clabbers. I studied Human Nutrition in Wageningen and started working for the food industry thereafter. After about a decade I switched over to Dutch research organisation TNO, where I was responsible for food and health research. Also at TNO, I set up the Personalised Nutrition and Health research consortium together with WUR and many private partners. This personalised nutrition stuck and led me to Happ, a startup in this field where I am a co-founder and CSO.

What Nard adds to the Foodvalley NL Team?

Nard will add a lot of personalised nutrition expertise and a global network in this field. On top of this, he has a true drive to change the food system for the better and help individuals to make the healthy choice the easy choice through personalisation and empowerment.

How Nard contributes to a sustainable food system at home?

‘I was already a flexitarian when it was not(!) cool’. Nard has been explaining the benefits of a low-meat diet for decades and is living proof that it works. 😉

What can you wake him up for in the middle of the night?

Mountainbikes! Shiny parts but also new training regimes to stay competitive in MTB competitions.

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Nard Clabbers
Programme manager Personalised Nutrition



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