Meet Marieke van der Vlies our new team member communication

My name is Marieke van der Vlies and I started working as a communication consultant in the brand new Foodvalley communication team.

What Marieke adds to the Foodvalley team!

Foodvalley is ambitious! With a lot of knowledge, skills and a good dose of energy, this international and independent platform wants to achieve some important goals. I am happy to contribute to that. Originally I worked in the commercial sector, but I soon noticed that I fit better with an organization that makes a social impact. I think that's important; using my qualities for an organization that makes a difference. Developing a content strategy, asking my new colleagues (difficult) questions, or developing personas; all of these things are my cup of tea!

How Marieke contributes to a sustainable food system at home.

Good information and good examples in my immediate environment have made me increasingly aware of food. I’ve changed my own way in small steps. I eat less meat, I carefully consider what kind of food I buy and throw away less. But I’ve also broadened my perspective; I only turn on the heater or the lights when strictly necessary and try not to make any unnecessary purchases.

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night?

You can wake me up for Korean pancakes. The sweet ones!

Welcome to the Foodvalley team

Marjolein Brasz: "I am very pleased to announce that Marieke joined our Foodvalley communication team as per august 1st. With her sparkling energy, curiousity and her fresh mindset she will be of great support to the team and their quest for changing the food system. Her mastery of storytelling is one of the great assets that I am curirous to experience as getting the story right is crucial in igniting change and inspiring to others join. Welcome Marieke!"

Meet the Foodvalley team

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