Meet Leo Koning our new team member

Marjolein Brasz: We are rapidly approaching the tipping point in the protein transition and have seen a steady expansion of our international protein community following this trend. The community moved into a new phase and faces new opportunities as well as challenges. As such we were looking for a senior, open-minded and business savvy manager to support the ongoing development of this forward driven community. I am glad to be able to welcome Leo on board to help advance the uptake of future proteins.

What Leo adds to the Foodvalley team!

My name is Leo Koning, and I will be joining Foodvalley NL as the new Community Manager for The Protein Community (TPC). I am excited to contribute to the transition to more tasty, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food. To do this successfully, I will use my energetic and positive approach to create engagement with our stakeholders to participate actively in this journey. I believe that working together, sharing best practices, ideas, and focusing on common interest, is the way to make this happen. I have over 25 years of business experience of working in start-ups and in multinational companies in an international role. I am used to dealing with complex and challenging situations: using creativity to find solutions is what I like the most. It’s my drive to create multiple moments where we can celebrate achieving our goals: accelerating the speed of the global Protein Shift and share the energy and satisfaction in doing that together.

How Leo contributes to a sustainable food system at home

Frankly, my family doesn’t really have such a disciplined system at home yet. We do however try to eat more and more healthy food with fresh ingredients and less processed food. Sometimes we enjoy eating a simple snack meal, especially when nobody is in the mood for cooking. But we shifted from eating unhealthy snacks to vegetable snacks during the day and evening. What we also do is buy less meat and started to experiment with new ingredients and recipes for tasty meals. Every time we eat a new meal, we analyze the taste, give it a score and decide if we will repeat this meal or not, with or without changes. Finally, we try to buy organic as much as possible as well as locally produced foods, to contribute to a more sustainable food system.

What can you wake him up for in the middle of the night?

WOW, I can think of many things, because I am a huge fan of (live) music, I enjoy attending a concert or festival. My favorites are the North Sea Jazz Festival and DanceValley. Both have a similar vibe, where visitors share the passion for music and having a great time. A good alternative is to arrange a tennis court to play a match with Roger Federer, my favorite tennis player.

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Leo Koning
Community Manager, The Protein Cluster


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