Meet Karolien Niederer, our new team member

My name is Karolien Niederer and I joined the Foodvalley NL team on August 1 as Lead Communication. I live in Utrecht since 2001 together with my husband Huib and our son Toon who will start at Leiden University this September. And of course there is our dog Po, a 6 year old Labrador (eat, swim, sleep…).

What Karolien adds to the Foodvalley NL Team?

Although Food is relatively new to me, I’m looking forward to find my way in the Food ecosystem. I am passionate about co-creating and involving stakeholders. Always in search for a common language and understanding of how we value and do things. Furthermore, I would describe myself as a colleague who is open to alternative ideas and who likes to achieve things as a team. Thus, solving the paradox of complex challenges and execution in do-able solutions together. I like to work with the bits and pieces already available around us and together turn them into something special for our partners and colleagues.

My background is in communication, marketing strategy and (social) innovation. Mostly working in a project- or program context for a broad range of service organisations (consulting, temp work, facilities, engineering, banking, network…). I have a broad network that might just offers you an unusual suspect for the topic you are working on.

How Karolien contributes to a sustainable food system at home?

Thanks to my grandparents who were convinced self-supporting hobby farmers, I know the taste of real fresh vegetables and fruit. I myself fail rather miserably in growing anything in our city-garden. Except for a tiny forest of seedlings of the trees from our neighbours. However, I will keep trying!

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night?

Looking at the new full (preferably the big red) moon, the stars and the smell of freshly mowed grass.

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Karolien Niederer
Team Lead Communication



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