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Welcome to the Foodvalley team

Marjolein Brasz: Over the past year Judith van de Horst, Innovation lead Food & Health, has tapped into so much potential for change in the area of Food & Health that the team had a challenging time keeping up. It is therefore that we started looking for a senior colleague with the right mix of business savviness, extensive knowledge and deep-felt ambition for impact. It is with great pleasure that we found this French gem, Julie, who agreed to join us as from the beginning of this year. I look forward to further developments in the field of Personalised Nutrition, a.o. and am pleased that we can further increase our impact by facilitating and guiding our partners.

Welcome Julie!

What Julie adds to the Foodvalley team!

My name is Julie Cortal and I am joining Foodvalley NL as programme manager Food & Health. From the beginning, studying and working on food sciences was always a way for me to have a positive and lasting impact on the daily life of people around me. As a student, I developed an insect-based snack because I wanted to create a healthier, more sustainable but tasty snacking solution. After 10 years in fast moving consumer goods with a broad experience from R&D to supply chain and marketing, I want to leverage my business skills and my knowledge of the food ecosystem from science to consumers to guide, connect and collaborate with our Foodvalley NL partners and create the right environment to support concrete cross-sectoral initiatives. And to be at the forefront of change and deliver business successes to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

How Julie contributes to a sustainable food system at home

I think our relationship with food starts very early in life and that's why with my 1 year old son, I like to spend time teaching him about food, letting him taste, touch, smell whole fresh food and avoid highly processed baby food where you cannot recognize individual ingredients. Also for my partner and I, we mainly cook fresh food from unprocessed ingredients, avoiding pre-packaged food as much as we can. Besides that, we moved to a more flexitarian diet, carefully selecting products, when we eat meat or animal products from time to time.

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night?

Nights are still broken with a 1-year-old baby so I would rather choose a full long night of sleep but if you would bring me back to Botswana where we spent a few weeks discovering amazing landscapes, culture and wildlife, then you can wake me up at night. Otherwise, being French, I have to recognize that a plate of French cheese with a glass of Burgundy red wine would make the deal.

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Julie Cortal
Programme Manager Food & Health


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