Meet Ewan van Eijden, our new team member

I am currently studying for my master Plant Sciences at Wageningen University. My goal is to combine molecular and agricultural techniques with ecological knowledge in order to make our society more sustainable. When I'm not studying, I like to climb or hike (preferably in the mountains) or read a good book.

What Ewan adds to the Foodvalley NL Team?

During the coming months I will assist with the partnership management administration workload for new partners.

How Ewan contributes to a sustainable food system at home?

As a student, a big part of my choices about food must also involve thinking about money. Fortunately, Too Good To Go helps me to combine saving money and saving food that would otherwise go to waste. I try buying from Too Good To Go each week and keep a vegetarian diet for the rest of my groceries.

What can you wake him up for in the middle of the night?

Olives! I love olives of any kind as long as they are not painted black.

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Ewan van Eijden
Partnership Management Support



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