Meet Caroline Duivenvoorden, our new team member

Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director of Foodvalley NL: The development of our Circular Agrifood field has accelerated swiftly over the past year. I am glad to announce that Caroline Duivenvoorden will join our agrifood team consisting of lead Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel and Thomas van der Lee. Caroline brings in the necessary drive, skill set and background to further progress our work jointly with our partners. I look forward to work with this talented woman. Welcome Caroline!

What Caroline adds to the Foodvalley NL Team?

My name is Caroline Duivenvoorden and I am joining the Foodvalley NL team as Programme manager Circular Agrifood. Working on sustainable food systems is the common thread in my professional life. In 2004, I started studying at Wageningen University in what was at the time a quite unpopular subject: Organic Agriculture. For me, the study contained all the elements relevant to a sustainable food system. Think of balancing inputs and outputs in agriculture, using insights about soil, involving ecology in agro-systems and considering the power of organisations and society to change a food system.

In my career, I have worked as a sustainability consultant for clients from different organisations governments and NGOs. I helped to develop or to implement their sustainability plans. I worked for several years directly in the agri-food sector, realising quite a comprehensive CSR policy. This ranged from responsible sourcing of agro commodities for compound feed to labelling of the environmental impact of products at farm level. Of course, an interdisciplinary collaboration within the company and with stakeholders involved in the company.

My experience, my network and my personal motivation to work together with different parties in the food supply chain will be a great match with Foodvalley NL and its partners. I am really looking forward to contributing to the ambition of Foodvalley NL.

How Caroline contributes to a sustainable food system at home?

I remember, as a little girl, walking with my grandfather in his vegetable garden and small greenhouse. That was the moment I became interested in agriculture and food.

At this point in my life, as a mother of three small children aged 5 years to 3 months, healthy food is one of the biggest challenges in daily life. I have a passion for good food and like trying out new recipes at home. That doesn't always works out, by the way, by the way...

I am a firm believer that healthy and good food should not be wasted. We involve our children so they are aware of it, explaining them how long it took to grow an apple or a pear We also strive to buy fruit and vegetables 'in season' and integrate alternative protein sources in our weekly menu. Just a few small steps towards a sustainable food system. I realise, i it is never enough. But we always make it a fun challenge to change our routines!

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night?

Maybe this is an extremely boring answer...: but just a cup of tea and a lovely breakfast. I never skip breakfast, and when I go to bed at night I'm already looking forward to next morning's breakfast. I wonder whether this is the reason why I am quite a 'morning person'.
Another reason to wake me up in the middle of the night would be a special natural phenomenon. Whether it is unique weather conditions or the 'night life' of the animals in the forest; those special moments are moments of happiness and will become lasting memories.

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Caroline Duivenoorden
Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood


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