Meet Birgit Broer our new Lead Communication

My name is Birgit Broer and I'm very excited to start working for Foodvalley NL as Lead Communication with the brand-new team.

What Birgit adds to the Foodvalley team!

For the last 9 years I have created campaigns to inspire and motivate consumers to move to more sustainable food consumption. From creating less food waste to eating more plant based. We all need to change our consumption habits to ensure that we won't deplete our resources and decrease the strain it creates on our ecosystem. I cannot wait to now be on the forefront of that change and see what possibilities for instance startups can create to help make that shift. With my experience in communication and applied behavioural science, and having been at the start of creating the national platform “Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling”, I see great opportunities the help grow the transition of the food ecosystem and facilitate partners in their ambitions.

How Birgit contributes to a sustainable food system at home.

I am a firm believer in leading by example, and having two young boys I have many opportunities to show them sustainable solutions. Being aware and informed is a good place to start change but that's not enough. I look for simple but effective ways to implement different behaviour. Something every young family struggles with is foodwaste, like old stale bread that kids don't want, we use as french toast or croutons. We eat seasonal foods and mostly unprocessed where possible. I myself am a pescatarian, and all the men in my household are flexitarians. Seeing how eager and happy children want to learn about and contribute to sustainability fills me with great hope for the future.

What can you wake her up for in the middle of the night?

A walk in nature, especially in the early or late hours of the day (but even in the middle of the night!) really gets my engine going.

I aim to create a strong and solid communications team, so we can effectively implement a communication strategy and contribute to realising Foodvalley NL's ambitions, locally, nationally as well as internationally.

Welcome to the Foodvalley team

Marjolein Brasz: "With Birgit we have the final addition to our communication team on board, as Lead Communication she will continue and expand the communication strategy in alignment with the Foodvalley NL new course. Very exited to have Birgit on the team, she has a deep understanding of the matters at stake and adds the consumer angle to the mix. I look forward to work with Birgit also as my sparring partner and am confident that we will have all skills and experience onboard to fine-tune our message for those that can and want to add to the change."

Meet the Foodvalley team

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