Meet Anouk van den Boomen, our new team member

I am Anouk, a fresh graduate with a master Nutrition & Health from Wageningen University. I am known to be enthusiastic, but self-critical, and always looking for innovations that promote healthier living. I specialize in a systems approach for sustainable and healthy diets. I am eager to use my knowledge to transform our food system. Ultimately, I am ambitious to connect and inspire people in order to achieve positive change. When I am not working with foods, I am eating them - as I love to cook, dine, and try new food spots with my friends.

What Anouk adds to the Foodvalley NL Team?

In the upcoming months, I support the Foodvalley team achieving its mission to make processed foods healthier. Here, I can apply my systems thinking, as I will map out the different roadblocks, stakeholders, and gaps to produce healthy, affordable, tasty, and sustainable foods.

How Anouk contributes to a sustainable food system at home?

I am fortunate to live next to the weekly farmers’ market of Rotterdam, as I love to see where foods are coming from. Every week I buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season at the market. Doing groceries at a local market helps to reduce packaging, stimulates the consumption of imperfect, infamous, or ‘forgotten’ foods, and allows one to buy directly from the farmer or producer. Every week it is a surprise what recipes I will try!

What can you wake him up for in the middle of the night?

For an adventure! You can take me for a hike to watch the sunrise, catch a flight to a new destination, or spot wildlife. Anything that stops me from dreaming and doesn’t include heights.

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Anouk van den Boomen
Project coordinator Food & Health



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