Boom in the plant based meat substitutes market

"Where the meat substitute market was still around 70 million euros in turnover ten years ago, we are now tapping almost 200 million euros", says Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Shift at Foodvalley NL in an interview with Omroep Gelderland. These are the latest figures from research organization IRI. "It is already more than booming, it has become commonplace."

Willemsen is following up with the message that Rival Foods, a spin-off from Wageningen University & Research, has developed an ingenious technique that makes meat substitutes with a juicy meat-like structure. Foodvalley has gradually assisted Rival Foods in the search for a suitable production location.

A shift towards a more plant-based and less animal-based diet is not only better for our health, it is also more sustainable and fits our vision that our food system needs to offer food security to ten billion people worldwide in 2050.

Click here to read Jeroen Willemsen's full interview and watch the movie (in Dutch).

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