Quinoa is the new potato? Game changer Marc Arts tells the story of GreenFood50

In a new series, Foodvalley NL interviews game changers from the ecosystem, whose innovations enable the transition to a sustainable food system. In this second episode, Jeroen Wouters, Lead Global Connections at Foodvalley NL, talks to Marc Arts about his company GreenFood50 and the innovation journey they have made together.

Enable tasty, affordable, sustainable and healthy food for a growing world population

The development of GreenFood50 came as no surprise to Wouters. "I see a gamechanger in Marc because he is open, driven and not afraid to interact with potential customers. He has experience as an entrepreneur, knows very well what he has in hand and where he wants to go.That combination of knowledge and the drive to really make a difference in the protein transition and in the field of health gives a lot of power."

How GreenFood50 and Foodvalley NL created growth together

Wouters looks back with satisfaction at the steps GreenFood50 managed to take in the network. "In the first year the quinoa was introduced, in the second year we went on the road with the concept and won an award, in the third year Marc was there with products to sample and by the fourth year he had built a supplier relationship with an international customer. That, of course, is fantastic to see."

Foodvalley game changer GreenFood50- Jeroen Wouters

Foodvalley Game changer GreenFood50- Marc Arts

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