Looking back on a successful workshop about circular thinking for businesses

On 11 April 2022 Foodvalley NL organised the workshop "sustainability and circular thinking for businesses" at the international Circular@WUR congress in Wageningen.

The workshop was based on practical examples to expand knowledge on circular thinking, sustainability strategies and learn from best practices from other companies which can directly apply in the workfield. The workshop was attended by organisations that wanted to increase their knowledge on how to better embed circular thinking in their organisation.

Influencing circularity

During the workshop, topics discussed included examples of circular thinking from our ecosystem and how the movement towards circularity affects all actors in and around the food chain.

"The takeaway from our workshop is that social innovation is needed to accelerate circular agrifood. Product innovation and limited value chain optimisation are not enough. A complete transformation of the way of working is needed. All parties within circular agrifood have an indispensable role in this. With our Upcycling Community we offer a safe, inspiring and supportive environment for this transition," Jolijn Zwart-van Kessel shares.

Upcycling Community

Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel is Innovation Lead, Circular Agrifood at Foodvalley NL. Together with Thomas van der Lee, Relations Liaison at Foodvalley NL they founded the Upcycling Community to accelerate innovations in the upcycling of food.

Although awareness for waste stream upcycling is growing, it remains uncharted territory resulting in general uncertainty and lack of commitment on the way forward. Foodvalley NL is currently exploring ways to accelerate the uptake of waste streams in food production. Innovation during a transition can be difficult. Sometimes challenges can be too complicated to tackle on your own. We start a community to create a safe environment where you can partner up on your ideas and find inspiration from each other. Providing the right support and creating a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on the same topic.

Head start with waste stream brewer's spent grain in our community

In February 2022 a broadcast on Brewer’s Spent Grain brought together over 160 participants, offering a glimpse at how this widely available waste stream can evolve into a valuable resource in the food system. The participants shared how they use this waste stream to achieve higher value and contribute to their organisations' sustainability goals. These insights will be used to jointly create opportunities within our Upcycling Community.

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