Listen to the podcast: Personalised nutrition will be the future (in Dutch)

A transition of the food system is necessary to make it healthier and more sustainable. But what is needed in order to have sufficient healthy food available for everyone in 2050? Our Innovation Lead Food & Health, Judith van der Horst-Graat shares her vision in this podcast made for the Health, Food & Technology event on 1 December 2021, where she is one of the key-note speakers.

She answers questions such as:

  • Why will we not achieve this target in 2050 if we continue like this?
  • Why is it difficult to make the healthy choice the easy choice for the consumer?
  • What is personalised nutrition and what does it involve?
  • Why will personalised nutrition be the tool of the future?
  • Aren't we becoming (too) dependent on digital advice? Or what possibilities does it offer?

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Food & Health
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