On June 6th the third Breakfast Session of this series in 2018 will take place. Enjoy your breakfast at the Food Valley Cafe as you listen to insights from experts on why eating insects is necessary to help support the global food supply, the challenges on how to breed them and which tasty products are (already) being made of insect proteins. 

This Breakfast Session will take place with experts on insects in food, including:

Arnold van Huis  | Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University and Research Center:

Consuming insects: are there health benefits?
How healthy are insects? This is a highly relevant question in view of the global interest in the potential of insects as a sustainable food source in food systems and diets. Edible insects, like other foods, can provide nutrients and dietary energy to meet the requirements of the human body as a part of a varied diet. Read the full article

Evelien Donkers | National Manager The Netherlands-Germany, Jimini’s:

The benefits of eating insects
The benefits at a glance; edible insects emit less methane, require less space to grow and consume less water and require less feed. Only 1.7 kg of feed is needed for 1 kg of insects, compared with 24 kg that is needed for 1 kg of beef. A big advantage of breeding edible insects is that the upgrade waste streams to high quality protein.  Read the full article

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