Kick-off community meeting Personalised nutrition

Today was the start of the personalised nutrition community with a very successful meeting. This community is there to support a mix of cross-sectoral organisations working on the same topic. Together, we aim to boost business in personalised nutrition. To be able to boost Personalised Nutrition business, we need to understand the challenges that are too complicated to tackle on your own. During the meeting we collected information from the community partners about target markets, turnover, focus areas and target groups. But also what the current ecosystem challenges are. 'Business successes targeted on the mass market consumers' came out as the number one challenge for which joint innovation is needed.

Diverse network

In this community there are organisations attending from all over Europe, America, and Asia, with the intention to network, share knowledge, collaborate and create concrete initiatives. Speakers such as Professor pharmacology Gert Folkerts from Utrecht UniversityNard Clabbers from Happ, Maria Hopman from Radboudumc, and Jochem Bossenbroek from Verdify shared their insights and innovative concepts on personalised nutrition. And we zoomed in on a few specific challenges during a worksession that has provided us with even more insights for next steps. We aim to come back to you by spring next year with the next steps based on this input.

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