“I was very impressed to learn about Foodvalley and see how we could incorporate it back in our own countries and provide a basis for food processing to flourish.” During her visit to Foodvalley NL on the 5th of September, the Indian Minister of Food Processing Industries Harsimrat Kaur Badal spoke with interested agrifood companies. “The partnership between Netherlands and India can actually play a pivotal role.”

The Minister emphasized the opportunities India has to offer. “We are one of the largest producers of food in the world and with 1.3 billion people we are also one of the largest consumers of food in the world. But we process only 10% of what we produce and the reason is the lack of infrastructure.”

She pointed out that the government paid a lot of attention over the last four years creating the infrastructure needed for food processing. That is also in the interest of foreign companies. “We provide opportunities to your companies and opportunities to our people to learn from your technology and knowhow.”

LT Foods
Apart from their government, Indian companies want to collaborate with their Dutch counterparts as well. “Innovations and R&D from Foodvalley will be helpful”, LT Foods Chairman Vijay Arora said.

The company, since 2017 also established in Rotterdam, is working together with Wageningen University & Research and also with SanoRice. “We are their supply chain partner for their organic products and we are taking care of all their quality requirements.”

LT Foods Chairman Vijay Arora and General Manager of SanoRice Holding Ton van Voorthuijsen

LT Foods Chairman Vijay Arora and General Manager of SanoRice Holding Ton van Voorthuijsen are already working together.

Food wastages
One of targets of the Indian authorities is to bring down loss of food. Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal, “We have zero tolerance to food wastages which is why we are creating the infrastructure of the best technology and to ensure we reduce all food wastages.”

Pieter Vos, Director of Nutrilab, said it is his mission to help the Indian people to get safe food. Het explained that many food laboratories in India are active in the field of microbiology. “But there are also a lot of problems with chemical contaminants like mycotoxins, pesticides and heavy metals.”

Pieter Vos said the Foodvalley meeting about India offered him the possibilities to explore new business in India and to cooperate with a lot of companies.

Other Dutch companies participating in the Foodvalley NL meeting are also willing to do business in India. “India is an important market for Codrico Rotterdam because we see a lot of potential there in terms of population. There is a rising middle class”, CCO Bart Bischoff from Codrico Rotterdam said.

“We have been in the business for already five years in India and since that time it is growing massively. We also note there is a lot of investment going on with food processing companies. They invest a lot of money in new technology, new processing lines, and there is a need for the solutions we provide, that is not offered locally. We see there will be a massive growth in the coming years and of course we would like a share of that.”

Noldus Information Technology has planned a trip to India in October. “I will visit our current customers”, said Marie-Anne Frenken, Channel Manager at Noldus Information Technology. “I found it very interesting in this meeting that the Minister announced that a new university was opened with a focus on food technology and food processing. I already got contact with her delegates about how to proceed with contacting the people there and I hope that with Noldus we can create some nice opportunities there.”

‘Great opportunity’
Foodvalley NL Managing Director Roger van Hoesel called it a great opportunity for the participating companies to meet with the Minister and also to indicate what their interests are. “I was pleasantly surprised by the way she connects the companies and their wishes to what she as a Minister of food processing Industries can offer. So it was a good meeting.”


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