How can we make plant-based food the new normal?

A table discussion about the protein shift with 240 people

‘The Netherlands is a Protein-Rich country. Let’s stop polarizing and harvest the protein assets and gamechangers our country has to offer’. A memorable quote from our Innovation Lead Protein Shift Jeroen Willemsen, spoken during last week’s Plant the Future diner in Nieuwspoort.

Keychallenges within the protein shift

The Plant the Future dinner had a total of 240 guests from more than 30 organisations and kicked off with a table discussion about the protein transition. The central question was how we can achieve the objective of 50:50 in 2025 and a 60:40 ratio of plant to animal proteins by 2030. The programme of Plant the Future was led by Natascha Kooiman (Transition Coalition Food), Carolyn Steel (author of Hungry Cities/Sitopia), our Jeroen Willemsen and Wilco Boom (Nieuwspoort).

Jeroen Willemsen gave a five minute pitch in which he talked about the trends and developments of the protein shift. He also highlighted two key-challenges, hinting on Foodvalley NL’s 2022 Protein Shift focus:

1. Broadening the animal protein industry: using our rich historic meat and dairy protein knowledge, creativity and infrastructure for plant proteins.
2. Let Dutch grown proteins flourish: Foodvalley NL takes the lead in shaping the national Green Deal on Protein-rich Crops. Partly because Foodvalley NL has an overview of the Dutch Protein Shift Ecosystem and has connections with more than 150 plant protein companies. At the diner, our Marjolein Brasz was introduced as chairwoman of the Green Deal Stirring Committee. She will safeguard the creation of an impactful deal, connecting growers with processors and consumers.

Coming into action

Soon the outcomes of this conversation will be translated into a ten-point plan by TcV (Transcoalitie Voedsel) on protein transition and the table leaders. So that insights, answers and plans can be put into action. Keep an eye on our website for a follow-up.

Accelerating plant-based innovation with global platform

Foodvalley NL does their bit too. The Protein Cluster (TPC) is the first global platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers and other stakeholders seeking ready-to-use plant-based, vegan or vegetarian solutions. Enabling them to expand their business and meet changing consumer demands towards a healthier and more sustainable diet using more plant-based products. And it works! Soon we hope to welcome our 100th TPC member. As a matchmaker, Foodvalley NL accelerates innovation and with that the protein transition.
Do you want your business to flourish with plant proteins? Or are you just curious what The Protein Cluster can do for you? Please contact Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Shift: or take a look here.

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