Help us make the Ede/Wageningen area more attractive for professionals

Huiberdien Sweeris of Foodvalley NL, together with the municipality of Ede, the city of Wageningen and the province of Gelderland, want to make the region around Ede/Wageningen a more attractive place to live and work. Why? Because it is precisely in this area that we need professionals to contribute to the food transition.

What should we invest in?

We want to understand what choices you make as a professional when it comes to your living and working environment. This helps us to make the right choices about what we should invest in. Is it in the housing market, accessibility or cultural offering? What is most important to you?

You can make a difference

Do you live and/or work in the Ede/Wageningen area or are you considering it? Do you have an affinity with agro, food and/or tech and would you like to help make this area more attractive as a place to live and work? You can by filling in our online survey. It will only takes 5 minutes of your time to make a difference!

Huiberdien Sweeris

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