Growing number of innovation facilities in Shared facility finder, with new insect production

The number of innovation facilities connected to Shared facility finder is growing and recently updated with insect production facilities. This helps accelerate innovations within these growing businesses even more. Take a look at this useful facility map now!

On its mission to create a global sustainable food system, Foodvalley NL initiated the new programme ‘Insects’, In order to meet the growing demand for proteins, the world needs new resources. Insects have proven to be well-suited as such a resource. They are important (and becoming more suitable) for both feed and food applications. Algae, duckweed, and cultured meat are also new resources that could potentially replace less sustainable ones. The use of testing, upscaling and production facilities is key for this new and growing domain of insects.

Five new production facilities

Shared facility finder is connected and creates an overview of innovation facilities of companies that have facilities to test and produce insects and which they will share with others. To accelerate innovation of this new type of protein production. Already, five insect production facilities are part of Shared facility finder.

What is Shared facilities?

Shared facility finder offers companies and organizations in the agri-food a wide range of top-class innovation facilities available at your fingertips. Find and share research equipment, facilities, and technologies. More than 50 facilities are available. Connect with partners and co-investors and explore available funding. Maximize productivity by sharing and using facilities to test your innovations before launching them on the market.


Are you interested to find out more information on the available facilities already and get in touch with one of the facilities? Or interested to start sharing your insect-related facility, from farming, processing to packaging of insect products or ingredients to maximize your capacity? Take a look at and contact Foodvalley NL or call Petra Roubos, Lead Shared facilities: +31 317 48 79 91.


Petra Roubos

Lead Shared facilities
+31 317 48 79 91

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