Nowadays more and more consumers are actively looking for tasty plant based products. These products are perceived as healthy and sustainable. This international trend results in a fast market introduction of innovative consumer products. This trend is actively supported by leading retail chains and food service companies.

GreenFood50 has developed a wide range of award winning innovative quinoa ingredients which enable the production of tasty plant based products. These healthy ingredients are produced from non-GMO low saponin quinoa seeds cultivated without pesticides in The Netherlands. GreenFood50 applies proprietary sustainable mild processing technology without the usage of additives and preservatives.

Our quinoa ingredients for example enable a quinoa tempura batter which is very suitable for a – gluten free – crunchy quinoa coating of plant based products. This enables on-trend consumer products with a great taste and texture. Due to the strong nutritional profile of quinoa this coating makes these products also healthier. As quinoa proteins are complementary to other plant proteins the protein quality improves.

Quinoa also provides Iron, Zinc, folate, Vitamine E, dietary fibers and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover quinoa carbohydrates have a low glycemic index which is important to avoid diabetes 2.

GreenFood50®  in Wageningen, The Netherlands develops, produces & supplies innovative quinoa ingredients for tasty, sustainable & healthy food for a growing world population. These quinoa ingredients are applied in bakery products, sports & active health nutrition, salads, pastas, sauces, beverages, infant nutrition, healthy bars, snacks, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free products.

Through close co-operation with Wageningen University & Research and other leading international research organizations, the latest technologies and know-how are applied. GreenFood50 quinoa ingredients are used on a daily base by the Dutch Olympic training center at Papendal. In 2017 GreenFood50 protein rich quinoa ingredient was a finalist at the Bridge2Food Protein Summit in France.

GreenFood50 is member of the Food Valley Society

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