Foodvalley NL initiative insect products on consumers' menus ready to fly!

Insects will be an important source of responsible, circular, and healthy proteins on the plate of North-West European consumers soon. Although we still see some reluctance, this statement is so convincing to producers of insect products, they want to unite in a shared market initiative. At the workshop, organised by Foodvalley NL on 24 November, several companies and experts met to collaboratively outline a joint initiative.

Connect all relevant stakeholders

Of course, there was discussion about the barriers that still exist for many consumers and foodservices and retail companies. Why bet on insect-based products such as burgers, protein shakes, bread, and pasta? Even though insects are now often still something for enthusiasts, the taste and texture of insect products should not have to stand in the way of insect products being a mainstream choice these days.

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Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood (left)

Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood (right)

Looking at the potential role of insects in a circular and more sustainable agrifood system, the momentum is there to move from unknown makes unloved, towards a structural addition to the shelf and menu. Foodvalley NL, in its role as an independent party, will drive this initiative and connect all relevant stakeholders needed to make this shift towards a more insect-based product on the plate of consumers reality.

Are you a retailer or food service company and do you have ambitions to be part of this journey? Or are you the gamechanger not to be missed in this transition? Contact Foodvalley NL for more information about the Initiative! More info about  Insects on the plate of the customer

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