Foodvalley Summit The Protein Plan(et), 17th October 2019 Wageningen

Solving the protein puzzle

A global  “return” to balance in protein consumption; less animal and more vegetable. During the third international edition of the Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et), on 17 October, food producers, growers, breeders, investors, research institutes and the government are coming together, in Wageningen, to share solutions, to strengthen the connections between meat, fish, dairy and vegetable and to find new business partners. This edition is an initiative of Foodvalley NL in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research, KeyGene and The Protein Cluster.

The bigger picture

The Foodvalley Summit program is built around three themes: The Bigger Picture, The Consumer Perspective and Growing, Breeding, Soil. The Bigger Picture gives the visitor a holistic view of  protein transition, with attention to the current state of the transition and national and international challenges. An Expert Panel will discuss the National Protein Plan (in development) and how the Netherlands will contribute to European protein goals from its knowledge-intensive ecosystem.

The consumer perspective

How can consumers be tempted to consume more vegetable protein? What are the requirements for new products such as substitutes for cheese and fish? What role does the food environment play? The Consumer Perspective theme includes best practices in behavioral change, taking into account consumers’ food-related routines.

Growing breeding soil

Which protein-rich crops are suitable for our climate? What innovative crops are in the pipline? And how might future earnings models look? The protein transition is not only about increasing vegetable protein use, but also about local production. In the Growing, Breeding, Soil theme, out attention is on plants and animals, soil and biodiversity.

The speakers

During the Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et), numerous national and international experts are presenting the latest developments in their fields, with amongst others:

  • Chris Kerr | New Crop Capital, USA
  • Annemarij Swijtink | Mc Donalds International, Netherlands
  • Jeroen Dekkers | Mc Donalds International, Netherlands
  • Stacy Pyett | Proteins for Life Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Anker Sorensen | KeyGene, Netherlands
  • Ruud Zanders | Kipster, Netherlands
  • Brad Vanstone | Plant Based Cheese, Netherlands
  • Nicolas Hartmann | VLY Foods, Germany
  • Ingrid van der Meer | Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Mathijs Huis in ’t Veld | Jack Bean, Netherlands
  • Carola & Mattèo Piano | Innogusto /Gastronomeat, Netherlands
  • Emely de Vet | Consumption & Healthy Lifestyles Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Sander Peltenburg | Burgs Foods, Netherlands
  • Nicolas Hartmann | Vlyfoods, Germany
  • Mathijs Huis in 't Veld | Jack Bean, Netherlands
  • Bo Schipper | Grain Gain
  • Gopee Logeswarananthan | Grain Gain, Netherlands
  • Fabiola Neitzel SWAP (silk worm as protein), Germany & Indonesia
  • Anjani Nayak | SWAP (silk worm as protein), Germany & Indonesia
  • Laurent Genet | Nutreco, Netherlands
  • Harry Aiking | VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Jeroen Willemsen | The Protein Cluster, Foodvalley NL, Netherlands
  • Michiel de Krom | Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, Netherlands
  • Hannah van Zanten | Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

With contributions of Louise Fresco, President of the Wageningen University & Research Executive Board and McDonalds. More information will follow.


Foodvalley Summit ticket: 95 euro, excl VAT.


For questions about the Foodvalley Summit, email or contact Foodvalley NL on 0317 42 70 95.

Foodvalley Summit: The Protein Plan(et) is an initiative of Foodvalley NL in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research, KeyGene, and The Protein Cluster, and is made possible in part by the Province of Gelderland.


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