Collaboration Foodvalley NL and Mintel providing member with the latest market and consumer insights

From detailed innovation reports to in-depth knowledge sessions on key innovation topics – providing the Foodvalley ecosystem with the latest market and consumer insights is the driving force behind a new collaboration between Foodvalley NL and Mintel, a global leader in market intelligence.

Mintel, founded in 1972 and headquartered in London, is an expert in what consumers want and why. “Our independent data and predictive analysis of consumer behavior, markets, new products and competitive landscapes provide a unique perspective on global and local economies, and help our clients make well-considered strategic decisions,” says Liz Westcott, Managing Director EMEA at Mintel.

The market intelligence agency works with a global network of analysts – each specializing in their own topic, from dairy and confectionary to coffee, food ingredients and consumer trends – and serves over 5,000 clients globally.

Helping businesses grow

“Our purpose is to help people and businesses grow,” says Westcott. Many of Mintel’s clients are part of the Foodvalley ecosystem and have sustainability at their core. “We see so many synergies with Foodvalley NL that it feels like a very natural decision to collaborate with them. Teaming up also gives us the opportunity to further expand our global network.”

Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director of Foodvalley NL: “Our mission ‘Shaping the future of food together’ entails building and strengthening the Foodvalley ecosystem, so that we can realize the transition to a sustainable global food system. Cooperation with Mintel allows us to provide our ecosystem with even more valuable market insights to do so, and to connect with new partners.”

Foodvalley Summit

Mintel and Foodvalley NL have worked together before at the recent Foodvalley Summit. Here, one of Mintel’s global food science analysts gave an online presentation on ingredient trends in plant-based foods;  the accompanying report has been shared with the participants to the event.

But cooperation will become more intense and structural with the agreement the two partners recently signed. Mintel data will be integrated in reports, presentations and articles, providing extra weight to the insights provided. Westcott: “We are very much looking forward to this, and I am sure there will be more joint activities in the future.”

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