During the Hi Europe in Frankfurt the Foodvalley Innovation Tour will take place to explore innovative nutritional ingredients. Innovative companies, members of Foodvalley will highlight their cutting edge developments and innovative insights.

Tour program

The tour will start Wednesday 28 November in the Foodvalley booth 8N60 at 14.45 – 17.15hrs and will visit:

Perfectasol™ is a texturizing system, based on potato, ideally suited for today’s leading customer demand for free-from, animal-free (vegan) and allergen-free products.

In vitro gastrointestinal TIM models that accurately simulate the dynamic conditions in the stomach and small and the large intestine.

Excellent salt and sugar reduction solutions through fermentation process.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients
Nutri Whey Isolate, a premium quality ingredient derived from consistent high quality whey of Dutch-type cheeses, giving it a clean, neutral flavor and aroma. It is gently heat treated and a combination of proprietary filtration technologies is used to preserve protein quality and nutritional integrity.

Synthite Industries
Plant derived protein, vegan and gluten free for flavor sector.

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG
High-quality Microencapsulated minerals free from Palm oil, minerals for Acid-Base balance and minerals for stress reduction.

Choline, an essential nutrient with three health claims, for example in a water drink with choline with raspberry lavender flavour.  And Spectra™, award winning ingredients, with 29 fruit, vegetables and herbs, scientifically proven to reduce free radicals in the body and increase Nitric Oxide and Oxygen consumption.

Heterotrophically cultured Chlorella micro-algae, a functional ingredient with high protein content, many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 or -6), dietary fibers and a unique taste.

Quinoa Ingredients enhance food products with taste, texture and high quality plant based proteins. Our ingredients are produced from low in saponin quinoa seeds cultivated in The Netherlands.

Meatless is 100% vegetable texturized products, from amongst others white beans, rice, lupine and wheat, for vegetarian, vegan and hybrid meat products.

Yama Products
Novel ingredients to enhance the taste of food products, for example in a sauce without added salt. By using roasted paprika, onion and garlic the sauce gets the unique umami taste.

A 100% plant based algae burger with sweetwater algae and quinoa: higher in protein than most meat burgers and meat replacers and therefore a perfect fit in a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Foodvalley drinks & innovative bites

Tour participants are invited to join the Foodvalley networking reception directly after the Tour at the Foodvalley booth 8N60.

Register today

Register for free via Foodvalley Innovation Tour | Hi Europe. Foodvalley and Go4Export will welcome press and food professionals. Due to the limited availability of tour tickets, early registration is strongly recommended. Tour tickets are only available for visitors and participants at Hi Europe.

More information? Please contact tjerna.ellenbroek@foodvalley.nl.

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