Foodvalley is exhibiting with Dutch companies at the Hi Europe in Frankfurt 27-29 November, booth 8N60. Meet GreenFood50, Duplaco, Meatless, Vegafit, Yama Products, The Protein Cluster, Dutch Topsport Restaurant Papendal, Go4Export and Foodvalley. Enjoy live cooking. Taste over 15 innovative bites. Join the Foodvalley Innovation Tour and Sports Nutrition program during the Hi Europe.

Meet & Taste

Duplaco | Chlorella algae
Heterotrophically cultured Chlorella micro-algae, a functional ingredient with high protein content, many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 or -6), dietary fibers and a unique taste. Tasting samples at the Foodvalley booth:

GreenFood50 | Quinoa protein and quinoa starch ingredients
Quinoa Ingredients enhance food products with taste, texture and high quality plant based proteins. These ingredients are produced from low in saponin quinoa seeds cultivated in The Netherlands without pesticides. Tasting samples:

Meatless is 100% vegetable texturized products, from amongst others white beans, rice, lupine and wheat, for vegetarian, vegan and hybrid meat products. Tastings samples:

Yama Products
Novel ingredients to enhance the taste of food products, for example in a sauce without added salt. By using roasted paprika, onion and garlic the sauce gets the unique umami taste. Tasting samples:

A 100% plant based algae burger with sweetwater algae and quinoa: higher in protein than most meat burgers and meat replacers and therefore a perfect fit in a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Tasting sample:

The Food Valley booth will be organized by Food Valley NL in close collaboration with Topsport Restaurant | Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal, Metos Kitchen Intelligence and with the support of Go4Export.

Foodvalley Innovation Tour

Visit AVEBE, Triskelion, NIZO, FrieslandCampina Ingredients, Synthite Industries, Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG, Vaneeghen, Duplaco, GreenFood50, Meatless, Vegafit and Yama Products during the Foodvalley Innovation Tour on Wednesday 28 november 14.45-17.15hrs. Experience the latest innovations and cutting edge developments. Register today! Limited free tickets available.

Foodvalley Sports Nutrition program

In the conference program Jeroen Wouters, Director International from Foodvalley and Innovation Manager of Sports & Nutrition at Olympic Training Centre Papendal, speaks during the session about commercialising the personalised nutrition trend. The title of his contribution, on 28 November 2018 10.30 hrs in the Hi Conference Discovery Theatre, is ‘Innovation in sports and nutrition’.


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