Athletes are a major focus for the budding personalised nutrition sector, and advocates claim that blood tests for certain biomarkers can be combined with food intake and training data to help fill nutritional gaps and improve performance. 

But where does the greatest promise lie? And how can personalisation in the sports nutrition sector be used to inspire other target groups?

Sportspeople already are among those most likely to seek personalised dietary advice, making them a clear target for personalised nutrition. In the future, health tracking apps and devices could prompt them to choose products high in protein, energy or certain micronutrients at particular points in their training cycle. But personalisation is as much about developing services to improve nutritional choices as it is about product development.

Access to truly personalised information about health and nutrition could completely change the way athletes think about food, presenting industry with a major challenge – and opportunity. Collaboration is likely to be crucial for market success.

Foodvalley Summit Sports & Nutrition
11 October 2018

Come together with experts at the Foodvalley Sports and Nutrition Summit, taking place in Ede, The Netherlands on October 11, who will give a 360-degree view of the sports nutrition sector, from the latest research and most promising ingredients, to recommendations on how to enter new markets.

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