Food Friction is a conference about artistic research and the interaction between food and behaviour. The conference offers a carefully selected menu of lectures, interviews and debates, with creative courses and side dishes that consist of workshops, performances and edible interventions. Professor Louise O. Fresco, President of Wageningen University & Research will open the event with a keynote speech.

The conference will highlight the following themes:

Mills of food
Food is as close to us as anything will ever be. Food is also the result of a world encompassing project that defines landscapes, logistic systems and businesses and expression, in short. Food Friction will start by exciting mind and senses to inspire new scientific and artistic research by showing where the mills of food need lubrication.

Facts & Fiction 
Abstract facts cannot speak for themselves. Stories can produce the desired certainty with fictional truths. The issue at hand is finding ways to express food facts in such a way that consumers can live a healthy life with the support of simple narratives that suppress unjustifiable distrust.

Growing, producing and distributing food in the right balance to enjoy a good diet without overfilling the waste bin is being addressed. New sources in water and on land and new ways of dealing with superfluous production will lead to the development of new business models.

Knowledge is rapidly increasing. Opportunities offered by developments in mechanics, electronics and bio-engineering, from the largest scale to the nanometre-level are soaring. This implies that choices will have to be made which technologies make sense and for what purpose they can be applied. Design feeds on moral considerations.

Food identity has shifted from simple principles of availability to the volatility of personal preferences, brands, beliefs and fashion. Finding one’s way in this global mixture of changing preferences is a tremendous challenge of alternation between adventure and routine. Already it sounds like culture needs a kind of eat agency.

What kind of food people consume is not the same as what they consider wise to eat and drink. Behaviour is only partly rational. This implies that awareness of healthy diets and interesting eating experiences are not sufficient to adjust habits. That requires getting under the consumer’s skin. Advertising offers options.

Target group
Food Friction welcomes students, researchers, artists and designers. The conference is particularly interested in inspiring companies that are interested in new viewpoints and policy makers that are looking for new perspectives. Locals from Arnhem that love the friction of expression and food should definitely attend as well.

More information & registration
Food Friction Art Research Conference
30 November 2018, Musis Arnhem, The Netherlands

Food Friction is organized by the Graduate School, ArtEZ University of the Arts.

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