Exciting experiences with Ready to (h)eat meals initiative 

Booster 2021 award winning multi-stakeholder initiativeReady to (h)eat meals” has started with a number of users.  

Winning the award, the partners of the initiative were able to set up a free of cost trial for 12 individuals. These individuals were eager to address their health issues but had yet to encounter a method that works well for them. Jiska van Berloo tried “Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines”. 

Some experiences with the initiative so far 

My main goal was to lose some weight and improve my gut microbiome. With the help of the DNA analyses, I learnt that a low carb diet is probably not helping me to achieve that. However, cutting saturated fat probably does. The menus contained delicious recipes and meals which were easy to prepare. The effect: I eat healthier and lost 4 kg. It was easy to follow, and I was motivated to do so. Due to the many different recipes, there was enough variety. I still like to use Swapmeals recipes.  

About the initiative 

The “Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines” initiative creates a one-stop shop to order personalised meals in line with personal nutrition recommendations based on your microbiome, DNA and personal preferences and needs. In addition, it engages people in an entertaining and educational experience. It is a multipartner initiative of Verdify, Eatch, Omnigen, MyMicroZoo and University of Antwerp.

Booster 2021 award 

Food Innovation Hub Europe is always looking for new initiatives in personalised nutrition to reduce obesity (within Europe and beyond). Three initiatives received the Booster Award in 2021. They received: 30,000 euros development budget, 1 year of monitoring, visibility of the initiative and access to a large international food network. The award was designed to encourage initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity through the use of personalised nutrition tools. 

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