The Foodvalley Accelerator experienced Tuesday 9 April 2019 the kick-off with six entrepreneurs. One of the themes of the first day was defining their core business. What is the added value of the company?

“The participants of the Foodvalley Accelerator (now calles the Foodvalley Business Fertilizer) are ambitious companies that want to grow. They have been active for years, but they did not yet specify what are the core values ​​of their business,” explains Louis de Boer. He is an account manager of the World Food Center in Ede where the meetings of the Foodvalley Accelerator take place.

The participating entrepreneurs have no or only a few employees, and therefore the company values ​​equal the personal values ​​of the entrepreneur. However, if more staff is hired, a corporate culture will develop, and this may differ from the personal core values ​​of the entrepreneur.

Apply focus
De Boer states that defining the core business is of great importance to be able to focus well. “Moreover, if you have a clear view of the core business, it is easier to say ‘no’ to things that do not belong to it. ”However, defining your core business is not something you do in one day. De Boer speaks of a journey of discovery that returns in the course of the programme.

During the starting day of the Foodvalley Accelerator, a second quest was discussed, based on their long-term vision, BHAG. The entrepreneurs practiced this together. The participants are put a lot to work. “The Foodvalley Accelerator is not a spa but a gym.”

Second group
If there is sufficient interest, a second group of the Foodvalley Accelerator will start in September 2019.

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