NIZO, GreenFood50, Fortified Food Coatings, Protifarm and Freggies are going on a New Frontiers in Food mission to the US in March.

New Frontiers in Food – Fast Forward (NF4), is a joint project of five food clusters in Europe. Apart from Foodvalley NL, based in the Netherlands, these food clusters are Clusaga in Spain, Valorial and Vitagora in France and Wagralim in Belgium. The aim of the project is to share knowledge and link SMEs with networks of industry experts. There are innovation tours to four countries, including the US and China.

Insights in the opportunities

“Companies that are interested in doing business on the American market benefit from the innovation tour. It provides SMEs insights in the opportunities, and facilitate entrance on the market. Via the interaction and meetings with food clusters in the USA participating companies can make connections to local collaboration partners. Moreover, various experts and also the consulates in Chicago and San Francisco are involved in the mission. Via them specific aspects, such as for example legal issues or FDA regulations will be addressed,” Jeroen Wouters, Director International at Foodvalley NL points out.

Moreover, the innovation tour can help finding partners for collaboration in the field of innovation. Interestingly, the participating companies can also interact with each other, and make plans for collaboration. In total 15 to 20 European SMEs from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain will join the mission.


The tour is from 17th until 22nd of March 2019. The first three days the group will be in the Chicago area. There will be several meetings with local network organizations, like the food & beverage industry cluster organization FaB Wisconsin and the Chicagoland Food & Beverage network.

San Francisco

From Chicago the group will fly to San Francisco where they will visit the Future Food-Tech, an international gathering of food business leaders and food-tech innovators. “There will be matchmaking sessions, the SMEs can meet investors and other companies,” Wouters explains. During Future Food-Tech, Foodvalley will have the opportunity to stimulate the collaboration with Silicon Valley.

Foodvalley is country partner of the Future Food-Tech.


Companies that are interested in joining the mission to the US can send an email to Tjerna Ellenbroek,

Innovation tour to China

In May 2019, there will also be an innovation tour to China. The program includes a visit to SIAL Shanghai, company visits in Xiamen (Province of Fujian) and matchmaking and a network reception with stakeholders.

SMEs can also apply for a voucher, co-funded by the EU’s NF4- project, to cover travel and trade show registration costs. Interested in the innovation tour to China? Please send an email to Tjerna Ellenbroek,

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