Dutch Quinoa Group becomes The Quinoa Company

The Dutch Quinoa Group has changed its name to The Quinoa Company, emphasizing their ambition to become a leading player in the global quinoa industry. As a dedicated supplier of Dutch-grown quinoa, the company is now the holder of the global licensing rights to Wageningen University and Research’s wide range of quinoa varieties.

The Quinoa Company supports an expanding global network of local quinoa production partners in their shared mission to make sustainable, locally-grown quinoa accessible to everyone on the planet.

World-class quinoa breeding program

The Quinoa Company works on two complementary fronts. It collaborates with Wageningen University and Research in a world-class quinoa breeding program which is delivering outstanding quinoa varieties designed to meet the demands of consumers and farming partners. The company also offers a wide range of high-quality quinoa resources, providing customers with tailor-made ingredient solutions, R&D support and global access to local sourcing.

Sustainably grown

Traceability and sustainability are the core values that inform production standards and processes in every aspect of the company’s global network. Its production partners guarantee the highest quality sustainably-grown quinoa in ‘your’ local market.

The Quinoa Company guarantees:

  • Superior, bitterness-free quinoa varieties
  • Traceability of origin
  • Consistent, highest-quality products
  • Reliable supply and stable price


The company’s quinoa varieties will be marketed under the B2B global trademark LoQal™. Key to LoQal™ quinoa is that it is a wholegrain variety, which ensures high nutritional quality. Also it is non-GMO and bitterness-free which removes the need for seeds to be washed or abrasively polished during processing, significantly reducing water use and processing costs.

Sourcing from every continent

As the sole holder of this licence, The Quinoa Company is now able to source its LoQal™ quinoa varieties from every continent. Participating in breeding enables them to improve and personalise their services to by selecting the best varieties for their each client’s business.

The Quinoa Company is a member of Foodvalley.


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