Dutch firm "Appeltje-Eitje" opens 4th unmanned shop for daily farm-fresh products

The Dutch start-up company "Appeltje-Eitje" has opened its fourth unmanned shop for daily farm-fresh products, in the center of the Dutch town of Veenendaal. The shop has a hip vending machine wall, offering eggs, fruit, cheese and dairy products. Customers serve themselves, and pay, via a simple touchscreen. The innovative concept, devised by local farmers Gertjan van Dam and Sven Wiggelo, is a brilliant, but really simple, example of the opportunities offered by smart and digital technology.

The Appeltje-Eitje concept shortens the food chain dramatically, increasing transparancy, reducing loss and allowing consumers to buy fresh, tasty locally-produced farm products for a fair and attractive price.

Self service

Appeltje-Eitje is fully equipped for self service. Customers choose their products via a digital menu, pay with their card/contactless. The compartments containing the chosen products will open automatically. In collaboration with the vocational college ICT Campus, data will be gathered and analyzed to improve selection and stock levels.

Wiggelo and Van Dam each have their own farm in the Betuwe (NL). Wiggelo’s specialty is fruit cultivation (mainly apples and pears and, in summer, also strawberries, raspberries and plums), and making fruit juices and stewed pears. Van Dam supplies day-fresh, free-range eggs. The opening of the unmanned shop in Veenendaal follows the success of their shops in Beuningen, Nijmegen and Wijchen. Appeltje-Eitje also offers gift packages with farm-fresh products.

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