Do the Facility Switch Quickscan: accelerate the protein transition and create new earning opportunities

Investment in new facilities is badly needed to accompany the accelerating protein transition in the longer term. For the short term, Foodvalley offers you the opportunity to quickly check whether your current production space, machine or line can also be made suitable for the processing of raw materials, the production or packaging of vegetable products. In this way, you help the protein transition and create new earning opportunities.

Is your facility suitable? Foodvalley NL would like to help you with this question. Perform this unique Facility Switch Quickscan for free.

In this video Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation lead Protein Shift, explains why we need more facilities to meet the rapidly growing demand for vegetable-based alternatives to meat and dairy. And how your facility might be able to help. Which companies have gone before you and switched their food processing and production facilities? Is your facility suitable? Experts from our network will help you redesign your facility and concretise the business case. Because together we can shape a future-proof protein system!

Successful feasibility study

The 'protein gap' is a risk in the accelerating protein transition: the supply of sustainably produced ingredients can barely keep up with the rapidly growing demand for vegetable-based meat and dairy products. One way to close this gap is to look in a different way at the food processing and production facilities we have available. Can we use existing facilities for other applications or markets than those for which they were originally purchased?

In 2020, Foodvalley NL and its members conducted a feasibility study to determine whether extruders, currently used for the production of breakfast cereals, could also be used for texturising field beans, soy or wheat protein, a raw material for the production of vegetable variations on meat. The results were very positive. Meanwhile, chain players such as Codrico, MFH-Pulses and Griffith Foods are working on implementing this facility switch.

That is why Foodvalley is now introducing the Facility Switch Quickscan.

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