TiFN calls on companies to participate in the WFC Research Program. The aim of the program is to gain more insights into the impact of communication strategies on the decision making process of consumers.

Understanding more about the way consumers take decisions can help to develop new and more effective communication tools for professionals, governments and industry.

“Making a well-informed free choice with regard to your diet is not that simple,” Managing Director of TiFN Ronald Visschers says.

“All sorts of questions arise when you try to combine healthy and sustainable products. Are ingredients with an E number good or bad for you? Is eating more protein good for your health? Are organically grown vegetables more sustainable than their greenhouse counterparts?”

Presented to food companies

TiFN coordinates the research program. At the beginning of October, he presented the program to the food companies that are involved in the World Food Center (DSM, Rabobank, Nestlé, FrieslandCampina, Keygene, Scelta, Albert Heijn and Foodvalley). Unilever and Fonterra have also shown interest in the program.

Visschers explains that the Research Program into food choices will be a combination of educational methods, intervention studies and participatory research methods.

Companies interested in participating are requested to contact Ronald Visschers.


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