Booster 2021 winner ‘Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines’ ready for take off

Booster award 2021 was an incentive for initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity employing personalized nutrition tools. The objective of the Booster 2021 was to surface ideas for partnerships within the Food Innovation Hub Europe. Candidates are multi-partner initiatives that submitted ideas, activities, and offerings in the field of obesity reduction. One of the 2021 winners is Ready to (h)eat meals. Meals tailored to gut, genes, and guidelines. "With the booster we are able to pioneer in the field of personalised nutrition, which brings us valuable information for future applications." The Booster 2021 is developed by Foodvalley NL to accelerate the food transition and is powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.

Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines is an initiative that will create a one-stop shop to order your personalised meals. The meals are in line with your personal nutrition recommendations and based on your microbiome, DNA and personal preferences and needs. In addition, it will engage people in an entertaining and educational experience. It is a multi-partner initiative of Foodvalley NL partners Verdify and Eatch as well as Omnigen, MyMicroZoo and University of Antwerp.

Ready for take-off

The first six persons have signed up to participate in a fully-personalised nutrition program. The aim is to lower barriers for healthy eating and obtain proof of concept for the approach. Step one of the experience is to collect samples for DNA- and gut microbiome analysis. With the results the participants can create a personal nutrition profile that enables them to get recipes that are fully tailored to their nutrition requirements and taste preferences. For a period of four weeks, the participants will be encouraged to eat according to the personalised recipe suggestions. In the last week, they will also receive freshly-made meals at home, created by an automated kitchen. After this period, another gut microbiome sample will be taken to evaluate potential changes. The impact on barriers for healthy eating of the personalised nutrition program will be determined as well.

All participants are under supervision of a dietitian or nutrition expert. If this is also something you want to offer your clients, we still have two spots available for dietitians or nutrition experts who want to collaborate on this program. A leaflet with more information for the participants can be found here. In case you have questions, remarks, or want to collaborate as a dietitian or nutrition expert, please reach out to

Edition 2022: Personalised Nutrition for all Challenge

The 2022 edition is called “Personalised nutrition for all”. Again, it is a call to action to find innovative solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition in Europe. This year, six winners will be awarded €30,000 to further develop their solution, opening the possibility for further funding by EIT Food and go to market. Multi-stakeholder groups are invited to submit their Personalised Nutrition ideas. Winners will be announced on 14 October, in advance of World Food Day.

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