Bobeldijk and Kennemervis join forces for plant-based foods

Accelerating growth in the international market for plant-based foods is the aim of the takeover of the Bobeldijk Food Group by the Kennemervis Groep, in May 2020. With Bobeldijk specializing in vegan food products, and Kennemervis Groep in plant-based fish alternatives, the ‘new’ company can address a broader, growing market.

International growth

Remko Vogelenzang, Director Bobeldijk Food Group: “The takeover means we will benefit from their broad market knowledge, which will enable us to increase our international footprint.”

Kennemervis Groep, headquartered in Bunschoten-Spakenburg, is a leading fish-processing company offering high-quality products for retail, foodservice, fish stalls, fish specialty shops and the food industry. Bobeldijk Food Group, located in the Dutch city of Deventer, specializes in vegetarian and vegan food products for both the retail and foodservice market and is known for the international brand Vegafit.


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