Supporting Dutch entrepreneurs in developing their skills to accelerate

Every step of an entrepreneur’s journey is a step into the unknown. Having access to valuable resources and unique facilities, communities of peers, coaches and capital is crucial in converting innovative ideas into scaling businesses. Foodvalley NL’s objective is to help entrepreneurs get access to whatever they need in order to become successful and accelerate their innovations.

Foodvalley NL partnered with the ‘Landelijke ROM’s’ and their Business Innovation Program Food (BIP Food). Dutch (also non-tech) innovative companies and companies with innovative business ideas can apply. So SME’s (MKB) with innovative ideas as well.

Foodvalley NL partnered up with BIP Food

With supporting the BIP Food start-ups and/or SME’s can sharpen their focus on promising ideas and how to translate them into concrete new revenue models. These innovative companies are active in the agro-food sector in the broadest sense. These include agriculture and horticulture, the food processing industry, data and technology companies and (logistics) service providers.

Calling all innovative entrepreneurs (start-up and SME)

In 10 sessions, entrepreneurs are trained to engage with customers, develop products, strengthen impact, build a business model, create a team and enhance collaborations.

The Business Innovation Program Food also facilitates interactive sessions for entrepreneurs to translate theory into practice. They receive practical assignments and are coached, one-on-one, by business developers from the relevant Regional Development Agency (Regionale Ontwikkelings Maatschappij).

Practical information

  • The programme starts on 7 September 2022 and ends in mid-November 2022.
  • Participation in the programme is free of charge, but a lot is expected of you.
  • The meetings take place every week on Wednesday morning.
  • Are you enthusiastic and do you have a good feeling about the programme? Register now for the Business Innovation Program Food.
  • More info: Business Innovation Program Food | Oost NL (in Dutch)
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