International Partnership to support the future success of the New Zealand food industry

8 Oct 2019

New Zealand’s FoodHQ ( headquartered in Manawatū and the internationally renowned Netherland’s Foodvalley ( have formed a strategic partnership that recognises the potential mutual value in close collaboration.

This was announced today by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern alongside the visiting Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.


In welcoming the announcement, Dr Abby Thompson, CEO of FoodHQ, says the two parties will work together to support their respective food industries in furthering their ambitions in sustainable food production.

“The sustainable success of our respective food sectors are vital to both the Netherlands and New Zealand.  FoodHQ and Foodvalley already have an excellent relationship, and this announcement is the natural next step in formalising our partnership and demonstrating our commitment to working together in a practical way."

The two organisations will embark on a number of joint initiatives.  The first will include a collaborative programme that will collate and share insights across New Zealand and the Netherlands and use these to identify joint projects involving food businesses and research communities from both countries.  These projects will aim to accelerate the generation and application of knowledge to support the development of high value food products that deliver against both the needs of consumers and the requirements for environmental sustainability.  The first focus area for this programme is sustainable protein-rich foods

Roger van Hoesel, CEO of Foodvalley NL, says “New Zealand and the Netherlands have strong business and academic associations, and for Foodvalley these are especially with FoodHQ and its Partners. This partnership will strengthen the relationship between the two countries.”

As part of the launch of the strategic partnership, Amos Palfreyman, FoodHQ’s Business Development Manager, will be based at Foodvalley NL for three months which will be invaluable in building relationships of benefit to New Zealand

He says, “Foodvalley NL has set the standard for effective food clusters internationally and been instrumental in helping shape our vision for FoodHQ. There are big challenges and opportunities in front of our food industries, and these are unlikely to be solved by any single organisation or country.  I look forward to working alongside the Foodvalley NL team to help facilitate activities that make better use of the innovative researchers and entrepreneurs New Zealand and the Netherlands are so well known for.

 For further information contact:

Abby Thompson CEO
021 774 864 or

Foodvalley NL
Roger van Hoesel, CEO
+31 317 42 70 95 or 

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